Find out What Voids Factory Car Warranty?

All auto manufacturers will give you a warranty when you purchase a new car. This type of warranty is known as factory warranty and covers applicable repairs as long as you maintain the vehicle to certain standards. Like any other contract, however, the agreement can be voided if you fail to uphold your end of […]

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New or Used Car Warranty

Cars are wonderful, but sometimes, the coverage you think you’re getting isn’t necessarily what you’re actually getting. Depending on the service provider and the actual terms of the agreement, you could be getting much less with that warranty than you think. Let’s take a look at some stats on car repair. Then we will see […]

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difference between car warranty car insurance

Have you ever been out driving and suddenly hear your engine making a horrific sound, like every cat in the country just had their tails stepped on? If your answer is no, you are extremely lucky. That kind of sound is never a good sign. Your mechanic takes a look at the problem and comes […]

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