The sale of sports and nutritional supplements have skyrocketed with an estimate of approximately $20 billion annual sales. This shows that people have indulged in the use of these supplements to boost performance in the arenas and even at the gym. 

Pre-workout supplements are specially designed to provide extra energy during exercises and to boost your athletic performance. Most of the manufacturers of diet pills, vitamins, and energy boosting supplements are unregulated by the FDA, meaning they don’t undergo rigorous tests to attain the required standards of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

However, this does not mean that pre-workout supplements are not beneficial. Rather, it means you should take caution as you use these supplements- whether in powder or pill form. Take time to research, read both amateur and professional reviews, and get physician go-ahead before using the capsules.

The supplements usually contain active ingredients like caffeine which might cause the buzz. Other stimulants might lead to insomnia or adverse side effects. You should, therefore, be keen with the types of ingredients used.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of pre-workout supplements:

Pros of Pre-Workout Supplements

1. You Stay Focused

Pre-workout supplements offer you benefits beyond boosting your physical performance. You can easily get in shape as long as you push yourself hard. But with increased focus you’ll feel sharper and keep your focus precisely on the prize.

pre-workout supplement helps stay focused

Did you know that to attain a killer physique is all about 20% workout, 80% food, and 100% mindset? Now you know. Every athlete and gym trainer knows that mental component has a substantial effect on exercises. Losing motivation will make you quit easily even if you’re physically willing to keep going. Pre-workouts are infused with caffeine which is solely responsible for making you focus on the task at hand.

2. Improved Athletic Performance

Pre-workouts supplements are loaded with ingredients for a burst of energy to help you train faster, longer, and harder than you would have with ordinary coffee or other power boosting food. Better performance on the track means you will become a winner. At the gym it means you burn more calories and gain muscles allowing you to attain your fitness goals effectively.

3. Speed up Muscle Recovery

Muscle fatigue and soreness after a rigorous workout can make you feel accomplished. However, it can slow your recovery time, causing you to delay to get back to the gym as soon as you can. Elements like beta-alanine, creatine, and caffeine can help your muscles recover fast.

4. Boost Your Energy Level

The report by the National Institutes of Health indicates that creatine ingredient used in the formulation of pre-workout supplements supplies muscles with energy for predominately, short-term aerobic activities.

If you work out after a long day at work, you’ll realize your performance won’t be at par. It can be disappointing to fail to give 100% of your effort due to low energy levels. Thankfully, using a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before hitting the track or gym will boost your energy levels. The caffeine helps in fighting off tiredness and stimulate muscle growth.

Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements

1. Dehydration

Some of the ingredients used in making pre-workout supplements can pull water in the body and excrete it, leading to dehydration. Dehydration is primarily linked to headaches. It’s, therefore, important to consume lots of water when using the supplements.

2. High Blood Pressure

pre-workout high blood pressure

All forms of stimulants raise blood pressure. Ingredients such as caffeine are responsible for such. It can make your situation worse if you’re already suffering from hypertension. That’s why you should consult with your healthcare provider before using the pre-workout supplements.

3. Prickly Sensations

Prickly or tingly sensation throughout the body is one of the most common side effects of pre-workout supplements. However, there is no cause for alarm since it’s not harmless and it will subside with time and go back to normal feeling.

4. Insomnia

A wide range of pre-workout supplements contain caffeine. Although caffeine will boost your energy levels, it will also leave you staring at your ceiling for the better part of the night.

How to Take Pre-Workout Supplements for Effective Results

Pre-workout supplements are not magic pills that will help you attain your fitness goals within a day. It requires consistency, good eating and workout regime. Ideally, you should take the supplements about 30 minutes before the workout session.

The effectiveness of the supplement will depend on your tolerance to caffeine and other ingredients.

In Conclusion

All said and done, pre-workouts are beneficial when taken the right way. If you’ve have been looking for the best pre-workout supplements, contact us today and get more invaluable information about these miracles stashed in bottles!