CARCHEX has been providing auto warranties for nearly 20 years. The company has grown quite rapidly over the past three years. Let’s take a look at why CARCHEX auto warranties are so popular and whether they are really worth the money.

carchex warranty copmany review overviewCARCHEX provides an array of flexible options that can be customized surprisingly easily. All an auto owner has to do is complete the company’s online form and a quote will be provided. It is important to note CARCHEX provides an exclusionary contract. This means it covers everything but for vehicle systems and components that are specifically excluded. This type of contract has considerable depth with few ambiguities.

CARCHEX provides several different coverage levels that provide customers with the option of paying more or less for the nuanced coverage desired. In terms of liability limits, a single claim limit is capped at the vehicle’s trade-in value. The aggregate limit is the automobile’s purchase price or NADA retail value of the automobile at the time the current repair is performed.

Service Contracts

CARCHEX provides prospective customers with a sample contract to review when considering this coverage. In fact, prospective customers do not even have to provide any type of information to read over such a sample contract.

There is no need to have the vehicle inspected prior to the extended car warranty contract going into effect. The contract length extends seven years. There is the potential for the automobile’s age, mileage and other restrictions to apply. The warranty can even be transferred to a new owner. Deductible options range from $50 to $100 and $200. Repairs must be performed within CARCHEX’s network of facilities. This network spans 30,000 repair centers.