Common Car Warranty Scams

Auto owners beware – car warranty scams are on the rise, and everyone is a target. As long as you own a car and any form of contact (phone number, postal address, email address, and so forth), you could be the next victim. The scammers tend to begin by making a startling phone call, claiming […]

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How to Know If Your Car Is Under Factory Warranty

When you purchase any new vehicle, the manufacturer attaches a warranty that covers any repairs that may need to be made within a certain period of time. See the chart below to find your factory warranty. Most vehicles are built to the highest standards and don’t need repairs. However, the warranty is offered as a good faith […]

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Car Scratch Removal guide

While your car’s finish is a big part of how it looks, it has a practical function, not just a cosmetic one. The finish serves as a kind of shield for the metal panels on your car by protecting them from corrosion. Just normal driving can subject your car to damage from factors like stones […]

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